Tuesday, January 6, 2015

General Troutspital

Holy crap , I never post anything anymore. I used to post quite a lot here , but time constraints and a ton of other crap gets in the way. I'm driving close to four hours a day right now , and that cuts in on my fishing time , plus it's winter , and my poor sister has been in and out of the hospital since July. I tried an experiment begging back on Cyber Monday to drive affiliate sales , which was a semi success , so thanks for that. It is greatly appreciated.

In and out of the hospital , seeing my sis , I've discovered a lonely pod of 7 or 8 trout that hang out with two medium sized carp under the foot bridge I cross from the parking garage. They are around a quarter of a mile downstream from a stocked area , where no one is allowed to fish , so I can only assume these are more intelligent stocked fish , in search of a sporting good time amongst equals at the brain trust that our local hospital surely is. It's a shame those fish won't make it through Summer , regardless of the shade under the bridge. It's just too warm here. I'll be keeping an eye on them for the next little bit...

So that leaves me with yet another "Sorry , I'll be back to fishing and writing soon." Just know I do miss it , and I do miss talking to a lot of you that I know read what I post here.

Take care , my friends! I'll see you on the flip side


  1. Glad to know you're still alive Josh.
    Based on wandering around other blogs, time seems to be at a premium for quite a few people.

    Maybe, if you ask nicely at the hospital, they'll let you have a try at those trout.

    Worst they can say is no.

  2. Josh, I enjoy checking in, so I will be here whenever the time comes....................


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