Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Blog about Not Blogging!

I'm starting a new blog where I can blog about all the reasons I'm not blogging. You get the idea. It's a place most blogs eventually get to , unless they become fairly popular and give the author a reason to continue creating content. Good content drives traffic , draws comments , and gives bloggers incentive to create more good , even great , content. It's a cycle. Mediocrity breeds contempt , leaving authors to wallow in self pity and loathing. You develop an attitude of "Why bother?" , when nobody reads what you write , or cares about what you have to say. Terrible content , at the other end of the spectrum , will at least generate some ridicule , drawing out a few trolls to make fun of your efforts , maybe even criticize your spelling and grammar. This might push you to try harder , to make improvements. At the least , it's incentive to carry on...

Mediocrity , on the other hand , invites indifference. You start out full of hope , telling yourself that you're really only doing it for yourself , because you enjoy writing and/or photography. Mental masturbation , to express yourself through creativity , just for your own enjoyment. Yeah , right. For a rare few , maybe that is true. For the rest of us , why not just a diary , or even a folder on your desktop full of rich text documents? Because we want to be heard! We need our egos stroked! The pageviews climb higher and it validates our "work" , it fills a void. It's a return on the investment of time. That's okay , too.

Once the stream of validation starts to dry up or the ideas quit popping into your head , posting frequency slows to a crawl. This starts the downward spiral. In an effort to keep the good times rolling , bloggers will post " sorry for the lack of posts " posts. These just accelerate the rate of decline , and it's all downhill from there. Sometimes you can go back , if only for a while , but it's the exception rather than the rule. Believe me , I've tried.

Rather than keep posting here about all the reasons I'm not posting here , I'll be over at the much more popular surf fishing website I run , Surf-Fish.com . It's more of a static resource for fishermen , as opposed to the ramblings and excuses of a man who has ran out of interesting things to say. I get more traffic there , than I do here , even though this blog is older and far larger than that one. In a way , it makes me sad , but not really. Had I ever had a clear cut plan when I started all of these websites , things may have turned out differently , and even turned into one large , coherent website with a blog rather than the jumbled mess I have now. I'm satisfied as is. I may still post here on occasion , just because it really is a hobby of sorts now. I still get ideas from time to time , and it's always fun to share fish pictures with all of you who still have me in your blogrolls. It's been a blast , and I'll always be grateful to those of you who have helped and encouraged me here. You can always reach me through email , and I will post here annually? , biannually? , quarterly? whenever Haley's Comet swings by? Who knows?

Until then , I'll be writing some DIY fishing articles and refreshing the stats page at www.surf-fish.com !

Tight lines , and take care my friends!