Friday, August 9, 2019

Old School Tuna Fishing, Revisited

I've shared this here before, but never discussed the methods used. Enjoy a blast from the past, with a little insight into how it all happened

 Off of California, probably 1950's or so. Albacore is still fished this way today, as far as I know. How cool is that? Very!
The Narration is absolutely fantastic. Take note YouTubers, and probably hit those Juul's a little harder once you start drinking whiskey
These guys are chumming heavily by tossing small sardines almost continuously once the ship slows and through the end.
A little about the method: super heavy line to a hair jig on a barbless 4/0 hook (or thereabouts ), bigger fish had 2-3 rods/lines tied to the same hook. They use the barbless hooks so that they can snatch the fish onto the boat and into a storage area where they land and almost instantly come unhooked with no effort from crew. Efficiency!
I won't mention the shark, as the video speaks for itself, but it seems more humane than the untold numbers that suffocate in nets today. I know which I would prefer.l
Past that, the fishing speaks for itself. Phenomenal. Unimaginable , probably out of reach of anyone who wasn't alive during the Golden age of Fishing....c'est la vié. Anyone could have caught fish there, except for my good old buddy Larry.
The engineer kept track of tonnage to avoid overloading the ship for sure, and hopefully to stay within game regs, but those were the wild west days in fisheries management, so I don't know. I can only hope those guys did indeed get the big Christmas tree, and all the trimmings of a great Christmas for their families after such back breaking work.
This is the fishing I dream about, but with stripers, smallmouth, catfish and walleye, all going down a small waterslide and back into the drink.

Tight lines, and following seas, my friends! Have a great weekend!


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