Check Out the Links Below :

12/2/2015 : It's been a while , but check out this new link to "Carp Rig Corner" , a specialist site from across the pond with tons of great info , especially if you'd like some ideas for baits and rigging for a strong fighting game fish that is very rarely pursued here in the US. I tangled with a few this past Summer and it was a blast! Find it here : Carp Rig Corner

6/17/2011 : A new line of products that are going to change the way a lot of anglers fish Spider King Rod Holders  Gear review coming soon to Something's Fishy!

3/09/11 : Another great site for anyone interested in a charter Soundside Adventures ran by Captain Lenny Leta. This is an Outer Banks charter boat that specializes in fishing the Roanoke and Pamlico sound for species like Cobia , Spanish Mackerel , Bluefish and Red Drum. Captain Lenny also offers nature and bird watching trips to explore the marshes and barrier islands of the OBX.

2/24/11 : Here's one I forgot. Maybe Tonight Charters ran by Captain Paul Mandella. The good Captain always has good fishing related content and runs a top notch charter service.

2/04/11 : A fairly new blog from my home state is Foggy Mountain Meanderings. Justin covers hunting and fishing and always has great trail cam pictures like this one :
Go check it out for some great articles!

1/11/11 : For a taste of what's being caught in the Pacific Ocean off of the coast of California check out : SoCalSalty at . I'm always impressed by his recipes  and the amount of RED he sees out there.

November 18 , 2010

Finally got around to putting this up. Below you will find links to some of my favorite websites. Some have really great information while others are just fun , but I think they are all worth your time. I'll be adding more in the future , so check back every once in a while! Have fun!

Something's Fishy's Favorites : My Amazon store. Here you will find products that will get you started fishing in the surf. I have used most of this stuff before , so rest assured that I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't think it would work!

Outer Banks Preservation Association : Americans right to access one of our most popular beaches is under assault and these guys are trying to preserve access and the communities that are nearby. Your support is appreciated.

Preserve Beach Access : Another website that is fighting to keep American beaches open for everyone's enjoyment.

NC Tide Tables : A valuable resource for anyone planning to fish in the surf in North Carolina.

Got-cha Lures by Sea Striker : One of the most effective artificial baits here on the East Coast. I highly recommend them.

Rutgers Sea Surface Temperatures : Useful information when deciding where to fish.

Oregon Inlet Fishing Center : Find a charter here!

Island Free Press : My favorite source for all the latest news from the Outer Banks. Island Free Press also has links to the latest information on beach closures and beach driving regulations. : A great resource for finding out when , where and how to catch fish on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. : A fly fishing site that always has something fun going on! : An amazing website with pictures of fish and reels from the golden age of big game fishing. There is also a ton of useful information on there regarding the valuation of antique reels.

NC Saltwater Regulations : Current NC recreational fishing regulations. Know before you go!!!

VA Saltwater Regulations : Current VA recreational fishing regulations. Know before you go!!!

Shipwrecks of the Outer Banks : A fascinating site that features photographs and information about some of the shipwrecks found on North Carolina's beaches

Outer Banks Trivia : Fun facts about my favorite vacation destination.

Corolla's Wild Horses : Beautiful animals found on the OBX running wild , as they should be. : Featuring the beautiful and fascinating lighthouses of the Outer Banks.

Blackbeard! : A wonderful piece of Outer Banks history and lore.

Historical Hurricanes : Information about past storms on the Outer Banks.

The Lost Colony : Another tidbit of Outer Banks history.

Something's Fishy : A blog for fishermen , by fishermen. One of my favorite sites. :) : A great blog with fishing and lots of humor!

Animated Knots by Grog : Great resource for learning to tie some of the more complicated knots used in fishing.